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If you feel overwhelmed with medical debt, We Can Help!

Your probably exploring your options for consolidating your medical bills and getting on with your life. The information below will help you understand the different options for debt relief, and how those bills may be able to be combined into your debt management program if you’re also experiencing problems with other types of debt. If you have questions and would like to speak with a credit counselor about your specific situation, call us at 1-866-283-2722.

Why medical debt has such an impact

Medical bills have the potential to wreak absolute havoc on a person’s credit. Large amounts of debt, medical or otherwise, have a long history of demolishing credit scores and taking away financial freedom.

Given the often unexpected and sudden way in which medical bills can hit credit reports, this type of debt can be especially damaging. Unlike credit cards and other debt, medical bills are not built up slowly and there is no spending limit, so the potential for large-scale damage is much greater.

Even after the bill is paid in full, the item remains on a credit report for seven years. Although the impact of the collection on your credit score will diminish as the collection gets older and will eventually “fall off,” medical bills can cause quite a stir in your finances by limiting your credit opportunities. As a result, you might only qualify for high-interest, high-fee loans and credit cards.

Medical bills are the number one reason for filing bankruptcy in the U.S. Adding insult to injury, bankruptcy can stay on a credit report for up to a decade, three years longer than a negative credit rating due to a debt collection.

Can medical debt be consolidated?

With millions of Americans struggling with health care expenses, consolidating medical debt is becoming more common and is a great option for people to consider.

While some forms of consolidation deal only with medical and hospital bills and debt, others may combine several unrelated accounts. There are multiple options to consider when dealing with medical expenses, however consolidation is an excellent option for certain situations. This option can go a long way towards helping people save money on their monthly payments and allow them to pay off their debts in less time.

If a family cannot qualify for charity assistance, free health care, or Medicaid, a plan to consolidate medical debt may be a great option to help them stay afloat and get back on track with their finances. It is also a good option for patients that are faced with a higher interest rare. For those families, there are a number of methods to consolidate medical debt. Not all are equally attractive, and it is important to consider all aspects of the situation before committing to a plan for repayment.

Medical Loan Debt Consolidation

You can use our Medical Loan, Credit Card, & Payday Loan Debt Consolidation Programs to become free from debt.

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